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Love Language Work Out

So you did the online test?

Hopefully you've read the book.

Now what?

This webinar will teach you how to apply it to your relationship.

Coaching and activities to make big changes.

Get the love you need, give the love they want.

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Your child is Transgender?

Shock, loss, fear, or any array of feelings can be overwhelming when your child comes out as transgender. Maybe you were shocked, maybe you had an ah-ha moment.

Where do you go for answers?

What is the first/next step?

Is it a phase?


This informative webinar can be the launching point.

Learn to process and move forward.

Get some answers and comfort.

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Online Dating

Dating is hard! Online dating can be brutal! 

Learn how to prepare yourself and your life for the perfect partner. 

Learn how to ask for and receive what you really want. 

A quick guide to navigating online dating in a modern world. 

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